Composition of grape varieties: Rebula, Zelen, Pinela, Malvasia

Winemaking process: Manual harvesting of selected biodynamically grown grapes sorted in the vineyard. All varieties are harvested at the same time. Up to seven day maceration of the grape mash and spontaneous fermentation with own yeast. Mild compression and one-year maturation of the wine in a 1000 litre wooden barrel in which the process of malolactic fermentation takes place. The wine matures on its own lees witout flow. Bottling without filtration with minimal addition of SO2 and at least 6 months maturation in the bottle.

Wine description: The colour is golden yellow and lively. The bouquet is extremely complex. The wine combines the aromas of dried flowers, especially chamomile, herbs, mature and dries fruit and honey. A gentle, medium-bodied wine just enough freshness. Higlhy mineral, harmonious and elegant.

Recommended serving temperature: 12 - 16°C


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