Wines with an Idea.

Guerila wines were conceived especially fo the young. Not as much according to age but according to lifestyle. For those who see cooperation with nature as an important value and who understand the benefits of the local harvest. Get acquainted with the character of our wines and allow hem to invite you to the adventure. Then simply call them by name.

The old home types ZELEN and PINELA are our personal pride. Gentle and sophisticated, they were already seducing at the Vienna Imperial Court as they are wines of distinguished gastronomes who know precisely what they want from every sip.

ROSÉ is idiosyncratic with a rich aroma of raspberries, distinguished from all other rosé wines by its distinctive rich taste.

ROMA, CUBA and TABU are a conquer on the first date. As an overture to a good evening, we suggest the soft and fresh sparkling wine CASTRA or CASTRA ROSÉ.

As dessert, the most delicious of the rosé wines, the wine simply called NIKA, enraptures even eternal sceptics.






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